Guardian Security Inaugural issue

We at Guardian Security wish to welcome you to our newsletter.  It is our goal to inform the community about the necessity of security in business and home life.  Brian Veach bought Corder Community Services in 2016 and relaunched our company under the name Guardian Security.  Since then we have added services, expanded our trained staff and are growing our business in this great community.  We will provide the best possible service to every client based on their needs.  Together we can make our community stronger and safer for all.  In this first newsletter we are going to introduce some of our services.  Please enjoy our first issue of The Guardian Security Gazette.  In following issues we will keep you apprised of ongoing security concerns in our area, and how we as a community can address them.

Home Services

It is not a secret that we have a segment of our community that has drug issues.  At Guardian Security we offer several services that can help combat this issue from affecting your home and property.  Every night of the week we have mobile patrols checking homes and property for suspicious behavior.  We offer different levels of service from a simple drive by and visual examination to a physical inspection of the exterior of the property.  By not having a set pattern for our patrols the possible offender cannot learn our routine and plot his mayhem without fear of being caught.

For our “snowbirds” we offer a full scale home watch service.  This includes not only the exterior patrol, but also an interior check of your home.  Issues like broken pipes from a freeze or critters possibly invading your home can be costly.  If issues like these are discovered we can work with you to resolve the problem.  We invite you to trust us with the protection of your home while you enjoy the valley weather.

Employee Background Checks

Do you know who is working for you?  We as good employers want to believe that the people we hire are not only qualified, but are also trustworthy.  A company’s assets, its client base and fellow employee’s all deserve to be protected as much as possible.  A small upfront investment to investigate a candidate can pay great dividends over the tenure of their employment.

Drug Testing 

Pre-employment drug testing is a reliable first step in determining a candidate’s reliability.  The liability a company takes on from an impaired employee can be devastating.  Doing the due diligence of a pre-employment test can reduce accidents and injuries.  This also reduces the financial liability from an injury which we know over time reduces workman compensation rates.  Adding in random drug testing is important as well.  Of course for the same reasons listed above.  Beyond that it is possible for a good employee to fall on hard times.  This service may give you the chance to rescue a good employee with some help and avoid termination.

Personal Background Checks

Guardian Security can provide you with a comprehensive background check of a prospective employee.  We can check for criminal and civil issues.  Other checks can include, traffic, financial and employment reference checks.  We have licensed private investigators on staff that will provide you with a detailed report.  Any new hire can be a risk, but we believe by doing these measures we believe your new hire will prove to be much more reliable and effective for your company.

Drug Abuse Company Policies

Do company employee drug-abuse prevention programs work? First: drug testing WORKS. As a result of advertised, high-profile drug-abuse prevention programs enacted at many companies, most drug users don’t even apply to work there (at companies that do drug testing). Some of those who do apply will then stop using for fear of being caught, and some who are later “caught” will often undergo treatment and go straight.

There are numerous success stories in both the private and public sectors, but perhaps none as dramatic as the U.S. Navy’s: a decrease since the 1980’s to under 4% presently (down from 28%) of its active personnel engaged in illicit drug use (i.e., found positive for one or more drugs when tested). This is specifically due to Navy’s implementation back in the 80’s of a comprehensive drug abuse prevention program – including monthly random drug testing of all active and reserve duty personnel- that program continues even today.  Yes, employee drug testing is a necessity today, and yes, it works!

(Information from OHS Health & Safety Service Inc.)